And it’s not even 5 o’clock…

18 Aug

     So today started out with a DAMN, yes, damn, not bang, for multiple reasons. I woke up at 10AM, and had to pack because I’m spending the night in the city. Once that was finished, I realized I had no clean clothes until I opened my bedroom door to find my laundry hamper sitting there empty–YES! this means my mom did laundry! I went downstairs to find clean-clothes-galore, but only my shirts were dry, I still needed a pair of shorts–crap. So I chose a pair, pulled it off the lines, and threw it in the dryer for a few minutes while I went upstairs and concluded my morning regime. It was now 10:30, my train was at 11:28, and I still needed to get to Target to buy a copy of The Hannah Montana Movie on DVD. So I pulled my shorts out of the dryer, put them on, and realized they were still a little damp, mind you these were white, denim shorts, and there is NOTHING more uncomfortable in the clothing world than wearing wet denim. But this was Hannah, and nothing would stop me from getting to her! So I pulled out my hair dryer, and held it to my shorts for a few minutes until I was satisfied enough to leave my house. I hopped into my car, drove to Target, bought the DVD, and sped back home. On the way, I called my mom’s boyfriend asking if he could drive me to the train station because it was definitely above 90 degrees today, which means I would be a sweaty mess walking to the station, thus appearing unpresentable for work–that’s a no-no. He came and picked me up at about 11:20, we got to the station at 11:26 with 2 minutes to spare. I was waiting on the platform and it was 11:28–no train in sight. The sign said it was on time, why does technology lie to us? 11:30…11:34…11:38…still no train. It became apparent to me, and the others there, that the 11:48 train, also said to be on time, was probably our best option. So we went downstairs and walked around to the other track to catch the later train. Once that train was one minute late, the other train came…FML. But, about 3 minutes later, the new train came, so it was alright, and I had already called work to notify them of the insanity that was occurring, so I was in the clear. Finally–I was on the nice, air-conditioned train, with my ipod plugged in and my feet at rest–then the phone rang…it was work. They told me there was a scheduling error and that they didn’t need me to work today, so I could go home. What the hell? I was already on my way to the city, after extensive confusion and headache-inducing-scenarios, and NOW they don’t need me to work? I’m officially convinced God either hates me, or is just a fan of my blog and wants to keep giving me situations to write about. They said I could come in and work 4-8 instead of my usual 12-8, but it wasn’t worth it, Tuesdays are slow anyways if there aren’t any local events going on, so I just decided to not work. Obviously I just couldn’t command the conductor to turn the train around, though that would make for some funny times when I would be accused of being a terrorist–a white, female, Jewish terrorist–so I just stayed on the train, duh. Then my mom informed me that since I am now 19, I can no longer continue to go to my pediatrician under my health insurance–a part of me died. I love my pediatrician, I don’t want to go to an “internist” or whatever a “grown-up” doctor is called. I have officially lost my youth. Of course my mom knew how to make it better, and told me I was also not up-to-date on my shots–basically, she made me sound like a dog. I got over that a few minutes later, but still felt a cough coming on, that made me want to go to my doctor’s office with the jungle paintings on the walls…I think I might cry.

      Toward the end of the ride, I heard a woman speaking to a man a few feet behind me, about shrimp, it was like she was talking to herself because she never gave him time to answer, or even add to the conversation…it went something like this: “They make good shrimp, you like fried shrimp? It’s so good, it taste like butta. I don’t even like shrimp but I eat that shrimp”. I laughed to myself. Then I got off the train. I decided to not make my trip to the city a total waste, so I called some friends I have who live there to meet for lunch–none of them could. So I stopped at a BBQ place I always pass, but have never gone to. It was fantastic–so that was one good thing that came out of today, aside from my Hannah DVD 🙂 

     On my way back to the station, I passed a man walking and singing “ayy ohh ayy ohh ayy ohh” like it was just a normal thing to do–it’s not normal, sir. It stopped once he got to his bike that was chained to a parking sign–nothing but the upmost class in NYC. When I got into the station, there was a young guy, I’d say no older than 23, singing and playing the guitar outside of the McDonald’s, with his guitar case out full of some CDs he recorded, and cash people threw in there. He was quite good looking, so I contemplated throwing my number into his case–then realized it may be a new low, and that I’m too much of a wuss to ever do such a bold thing–even if it’s not bold at all. So I went onto the train, and made my way home. Now, I am blogging, and it’s still not even 5 o’clock.


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