8 Aug

Today, I received a facebook notification to my cell phone, a.k.a my crackberry. My friend decided to read it, so I asked her who it was from…she then told me it was from “Fa-cee-bow”…it was from Facebook…but when it showed up on the screen it said Facebo…before she read the message, she thought it was someone’s last name. It kind of makes me wonder why she made it sound French, as opposed to just saying “Face-bow”, like an American.

She just graduated from college.

hooray work-force, here’s to you, and goodluck at your JOB interview on Wednesday…

FYI, that’s pronounced WENS-DAY.


Just sayin’.


One Response to “Fa-cee-bow?”

  1. erica August 11, 2009 at 8:27 pm #


    I ❤ My Sisters

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