2 Fo’ 1

6 Aug

     So last night was really just another one of my “just my luck” situations, and boy was it a scary one. First of all, I was in the care with my two friends, and we decided we wanted to go to a park, mind you it was just after 11:30 pm. We arrived at the park, which is conveniently located next to a police station, and decided to head for the playground. We have done this before, with more people, so it has been noisier, and more noticeable in the past, but it was just the three of us tonight…then we saw a bright light. The parking lot is located just beyond the playground, and elevated a little bit, so the lights were right in our eyes. My friend kept repeating, as she was stoned, “is that a cop? Oh my God, that’s a cop, that’s a cop, that’s a cop, we’re in trouble”. Now, my other friend was too stoned to even talk, or comprehend what was going on, but of course I was completely sober, as usual and as always, so I was able to handle the situation in a calm matter. The cop circled around the perimeter of the park, shining his spotlight on us, so I just started to walk out of the park, back toward my car, and told my friends to do the same. The cop left us alone once he saw us leaving, but we still decided it’d be best to leave as well.

     Bored, we decided to do what we like to call a “harbor run”, basically we just drive around the harbor, where it’s dark, and just talk and jam out to some music. Well, soon into the drive I noticed a car following me, then it became apparent that it was a cop…wonderful. So i made sure I was extra careful and I stopped fully at all the stop signs, signaled, AND drove the speed limit, but there’s practically no speed limit signs in the harbor, so I just did between 20-30, just to be safe. I decided it would be best to leave the harbor, so as I was turning to leave, the cop put his lights on…FML. Of course my friend is hysterical laughing, but I definitely wasn’t…well, maybe a little bit just because of the irony, but it definitely wasn’t a laughing matter because I did not want a ticket, and my 2 friends were high so the last thing I needed was for him to think I was as well. He cut right to the chase, and asked what’s going on, so of course I said nothing, then he asked for the usual license and registration. So, I handed over my license, and was on my way to getting the registration, when he said “who has the license in the car saying they live over here?!”, he chose to scream this, I wanted to pee, but I remained calm. I said no one, so he asked “I want to know what you’re doing driving around over here, in my area(yes he really referred to it as that), on a Thursday morning”(it was 12:20am) I said “we were at a friends house”, that failed immediately because he then said “you were driving in a circle, I’ve been following you since you first passed me when you came in, and blew past” I said, “we had nothing to do?”, so, he continued, “you were speeding past me, it’s dark back here, all it takes was for someone to be out walking their dog and bam!” (something like that, and mind you the limit in the harbor can’t be less than 30, and when I was driving past him, it was when i was entering from a main road doing no more than 40mph) So I apologized, and he said “I’m letting you off this time, but this is a warning! no more driving around the harbor looking at pretty houses just because you’re bored!”…he was such a tool, like screaming and everything, I could tell he was sexually frustrated, that’s why he was working such a late shift…no one to go home to, probably. Anyways, I said thank you, he handed me back my license, and I was driving off, a BMW legitimately SPED by both of us going into the harbor, I kept cursing under my breath hoping the cop would turn around and catch him, as soon as I got to the traffic light to exit the harbor, I saw the cop to a sloppy little 3-point turn–I only hope he was going to follow that beamer, because it was definitely going much faster than I was. 

P.S. Since when is it illegal to drive around? It’s not like it’s a private area with gates…just sayin’.

Anyways, that was my night, if you ever think you’re having a bad night, just think of that one…you can thank me later for making you feel better. This was just another one of the many reasons why Life’s A Ditk. 


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