Weekend Highlights…

2 Aug

     So this weekend some of my family and I (aunt, uncle, two of my cousins) went up to grandma’s lake house to spend some quality time with her. My cousin’s boyfriend came too, he’s from England, I enjoy listening to him speak…and mocking how he says certain words…just keep that in mind. Here’s a list of some occurrences from this weekend that are pretty normal when you’re in my family, but if you’re on the outside looking in, well, you may laugh uncontrollably, or just say “WTF”?

  • We were eating dinner at my cousin’s before we left to come upstate, and my cousin was trying to get her boyfriend to say the word vitamin, which he pronounces “vitmin”…it was excellent.

  • A trip to the movies ended up taking a turn for the hilarious when my cousin got soft-pretzel bites, and thought they seemed a bit too “doughy”. She then fed me a piece of it asking what I thought, but my opinion mustn’t had been enough because she then asked the cashier the same question, and fed him as well.

  • Sitting in the movie theatre, an ad came on for the search for the newest Fantana (one of those Fanta girls), and my cousin shrieks with joy because she apparently has always wanted to be one. The rest of us looked at her and laughed, but then she screamed “BUT SHE’S YELLOW!” (her favorite color) as soon as the commercial ended and the theatre became silent…now not just us, but everyone looked at her.

  • My aunt spent 5 straight hours power-washing the brick walkway

  • We watched a solid 4-5 hours of the “Secret Life of an American Teenage” marathon on ABC family

  • Almost lit my finger on fire when I was playing with a lighter cleverly disguised as a toy frog when then a flame burst out of it’s right eye.

The weekend isn’t over yet, we still have one more day, so you can rest assure that this post will be updated in the very near future. Cheers! And I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends as well!


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