Uhh, what just happened?

29 Jul

     I recently emailed the head of a new “comedic” website, imakeulol.com, because they had an ad, obviously on Craigslist, that they are looking for new writers to join their staff. The guy emailed me back and asked if he could see a sample of my work, but asked that it would be a piece that followed the “guidelines” of their fake-ads. So, I looked up the 2 fake ads posted on their page, and picked one of their fictional character descriptions, also posted on their site, to use in the piece, and just went to town. I was totally lost and confused, at 2am, trying to figure out how I was supposed to write this piece, especially since this is not the type of writing I’m used to. I know I’ve never done it. Anyways, I finished the piece, didn’t even bother to look it over, and sent it to the guy. This is the response I got from him today:

Dear Allie,
I think your work has a long way to go before it can offer a smile on the face
of our viewers. The language is totally inappropriate and the way you drop the
"F" bomb constantly has me itching to find out your address so i can send over
my church group in order to save your soul. Also your sterotypical use of words
for the characters was uncalled for as well as our editor here at the office
(Mr. Thai Won Shoo) nearly barfed his sushi on the .99 cent keyboard that I had
just purchased for him at the local Goodwill store. We are a very upscale and
classy business as you probably have noticed by now so if you could please tone
it down just a bit I'll call of my holy crusaders and inform to Thai that he
must lock up his chinese stars when you meet him. Other than that, thanks for
the piece. We'll be in touch.
So obviously I responded:

I was simply just trying to capture
> the essence of the description of that character. But, as
> said, I'm still a student so my writing is still being
> molded and sculpted into something, which is clearly still
> short of Michaelangelo's "David". I thank you for your witty
> feedback though, cheers, and goodluck with the site. 
Then, he responded back:

Ahhh Allie, i was hoping for a more playfull response. You just need to get 
molded and in the zone and you'll do just fine. I'll take you under my wing and 
you'll do just fine. I meant no attack on your writing and hopefully you did not 
take it that way. You have talent and i'd like to work with you. What do you 

I knew something didn’t seem Kosher after the first email. If it’s a comedy website, what’s wrong with a little profanity here and there? Also, the whole “Chinese” thing, with broken english and cursing was entirely taken from the description of his character, who just so happens to be named “Fuk Yoo”…so I did no wrong, and I guess it was all good in the end.


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