Oy Vey, What A Day…

27 Jul

     Today was going to be a great day, full of friends and easy driving through Connecticut back home to New York. But of course, being me, today obviously didn’t go anywhere near how it was supposed to be. You see, I was set to wake up at 9:45am, get dressed, eat some breakfast, and get on the road to meet my friend at Quinnipiac, where she’s taking classes for the summer, to say hello. Then, get back on the road on my way to Danbury where I would meet another friend for lunch, and afterwards continue my journey until I arrived home…THIS is what ended up happening.

     I did wake up at 9:45am, I did get dressed, eat breakfast, and meet my friend at Quinnipiac, that all went according to plan, but it wasn’t until I was on my way to Danbury until it all hit the fan, and by “it all” I mean “shit”. So, everything was going quite smooth, I was making great time until I hit some random Connecticut parkway and sat in “stand-still” bumper-to-bumper traffic for about a half hour until I decided to make a U-Turn by driving up a grassy hill. Then I glanced at my phone, because I obviously wouldn’t have it handy while driving, it’s the law…duh, and saw I had a BBM and a missed call, both from my father. When I have both a missed call, AND a BBM from my father, it’s never a good thing. So I called him back and he informed me that I should be in the city, as in NYC, no later than 5pm to work…it was currently 2pm, and considering the traffic I still had a solid 2 hours of driving ahead of me, not to mention I had lunch plans with a friend. I screamed at my dad for notifying me so late, when he then told me that he only found out about them needing me at work 5 minutes ago, and that he didn’t know I was still in Connecticut, and that he couldn’t call the bar back telling them I couldn’t come in, after they did me a favor by squeezing me into the schedule. So I was screwed. I screamed at him until I was red in the face, and now stuck in bumper-to-bumper on a side road somewhere in CT. Then I did what any only child of a divorced family would do after she gets off the phone with her father, red in the face…I called my mother.

     I continued the screaming, cursing, and obscene comments such as “I’m going to drive into a tree so this way I won’t have to worry about being rushed to work”, and “My father is an asshole…AN ASS-HOLE!”…always classics. Finally she made me pull over to calm down, I don’t know how she did it all the way from Queens, but it worked, and she agreed to call my father. The decision was unanimous, I had to cancel my lunch plans and drive right home to change, and then catch a train into the city for work…wonderful. I told my mom it would be a waste because I’d probably only be working 4 hours and make like $20, she told me not to think so negatively…there’s a reason I think this way. I continued to scream and cause a fit, and being that I was driving, my phone was on speaker mode and not near my face, so everyone in the cars around me were staring at me like my head was on fire, or I shit my pants or something, but I didn’t care because I was PISSED and there was nothing anyone could do about it. One thing I absolutely HATE is feeling rushed, and that’s the only thing I felt until anger took over. I was sweating, and my head was pounding.

     Anyways, I punched in my home address on my navigation system, and was on the road, yet again. I arrived home just shy of 4pm, so I told my father to tell my boss I’d be in at 5:30, which ended up being fine. I got to the train station and purchased a round trip ticket to Penn Station and back…$13.50. I hopped on the 4:46pm train, and kicked back to some quality Miley Cyrus for the 40 minute ride, which put me in a decent mood for the first time in hours. Then I went to walk outside the station once I arrived and ta da, RAIN. So, I ran back into Penn Station and bought an umbrella…$5.00. I walked to work, and got set up. They told me I’ll be there until 8-9ish, what a waste. Finally, they let me out at 8:30pm…I made $34 for those 3 hours…shitty for a bartender in NYC, or any bar for that matter. Then, I reached into my pocket to find that I lost my train ticket, awesome! So I went back into Penn Station, and bought myself something to eat because I hadn’t had anything since 2, and it was 9pm…$10 for a burrito and cola. I then made my way to the ticket counter to purchase yet another ticket…$6.25. Then I was on the train, trying and failing to eat a burrito without making a mess, and listening to “Only Time” by Enya on repeat…then my mother picked me up from the station once I arrived.

     Now, if you’re not into math, let me review this day for you. I made $34 at work, and spent $19.75 on transportation, and then $10 on dinner that I could have had at home, spending no money, if I didn’t go into work. If I add the $5 for the umbrella I wouldn’t have needed if I stayed in my car or house, you get a grand total of  $24.75, meaning I made $9.25 over 3 hours at work…FML and FM day. Nothing was accomplished today, except for me getting a stain on my new white shorts, and acquiring a few more bug bites. This would only happen to me.


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