“Him There Is”

25 Jul

What a lovely drive I had today. I got to drive to Westchester to pick up a friend, and was greeted by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Cross Island–thank you spontaneous fire under the Throggs Neck Bridge. Anyways, 2 hours later, on a drive that should have taken no more than an hour, my friends and I arrived in Westchester. We picked up our friend and continued our journey to Connecticut to a friend’s college graduation party. On the way, we passed a young man driving an Audi station wagon. The man was looking at us, and I got confused, so I asked my friends if he was looking, and they confirmed that he was, so we all waved. Then my friend pseudo-flashed him, but he didn’t see, so that’s pretty much irrelevant at this point. We continued to laugh about it as he moved far ahead of us, until my friend mentioned he was a “ginger”, but I thought he was blonde. So, of course I had to speed up to get next to him again, but we lost him! Finally, after a few more minutes of high-speed, lane changing, edge of your seat driving (all exaggerations), my friend spotted him. Now, let me just tell you that my friend didn’t get home until 4:30 am last night and had to wake up at about 8 this morning, so it’s safe to say that she probably still would have blown a .08 on a breathalizer test. With that being said, she spotted his grey Audi and let out “HIM THERE IS!”…this was after she told us that her place of work was hiring people for advertising…because she works at an ad firm. Finally we arrived in Connecticut, where 50 Cent lives apparently, and marked that ride as one for the record books. My feet are falling off, but who needs feet when you have a car…oh wait.

Buckle up, ladies and gents…it saves lives.


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