Drunk Recent College Grad Say Whhhhat?

23 Jul

I hate to give “Texts From Last Night” a run for their money, but I cannot help if what I am about to post is going to give “TFLN” a run for their money…

Below, is a message my friend sent me which was taken directly from a “memo” she saved on her phone, that we clearly find out is a Blackberry about 30 times, one night when she was doing her usual drunk galavanting around NYC, but for some reason, on that particular night, felt the need to write about it. I wish you all the best of luck while reading it, because, well, I sure couldn’t!  This is what I call a real drunk text as it is not legible, and is more random than a child with severe ADD in a petting zoo. 

So I decided oi wajnted to record my drunbken journey of the city
I am jusdt goinna qwrite in this whenever I am drunk and want to look like I am
doiung something...I am just gobnna recored my thouights wethjer they coime out
taped righrt ore not...like righrt now I don't know how I feel cus I am shiut
faced trying to get hyom$ ane m$y phone nob loner can have wqireless on.,m.I
realized another reasone I love blackberries....I can be shit faced...oke sop
right now I am waiting for the bus acroiss town...tghere are def people looking
at me but I do|t know if its hbecuase I think I'm drunk or because I am a
blackberry addict...so let me explain...I was the good girl in high school.$$..I
didn't fo anythinbg¤.n,m- triedx beer once and I decided that I was like my dad
and I didn't like it...I told all m$y friejndsa that...that I didn't like the
taste because it was gewntic....y parents where smart...they new how to raise
us....to be afrauid of alcogolk....scared opf whart might happned if we actually
tried it....it wa4 bnad...no itg ewas grloss...but appatrently muy brtother did
not feel the sqame way....he thouight he shouyld 

I will keep the identity of said friend anonymous because let’s face it, if I drunkenly left myself a memo about what I did one night while I was drunk, but was too drunk to form a memo legible enough to read the next day when sober again and looking to relive the night prior to that day, well, I wouldn’t want anyone to know about it either. Treat others as you would want to be treated! It’s the golden rule!

Until next text, or time…


One Response to “Drunk Recent College Grad Say Whhhhat?”

  1. girlslashwoman July 23, 2009 at 1:54 am #

    Wow I actually typed out half of her message to make sense of it. I always get dyslexic when reading these times of messages. I hope she got home ok.

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