The Sibling Game

19 Jul

     Being an only child, I feel I am blessed in many ways–never having to share, being able to run around the house naked (that never happens but it’s a thought), getting all the attention from your parents, twice as many presents on holidays because, well, yeah. But it also has some major downsides–it gets lonely, you learn to share at a later age, and you pretty much suffer from the over all “only-child syndrome”…basically, you need attention at all times, and if it’s not given to you, you’ll cause a fit, or a commotion, until the spotlight shines EXTRA bright on you. 

     “Only-child syndrome” may seem like a serious problem to those who suffer from it, at a glance, but when you look deep inside of this growing issue, it’s not all that bad! It opens the door to many opportunities, such as the ability to make friends without having to worry about an older sibling and scaring them away. And it allows you to date anyone you’d like, because, as I just said, no scary older siblings! Hooray for only-childhood! (Note: I haven’t actually tested any of this out yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it all works)

     Being an only child allows for more alone time, which can be very beneficial, and you’ll never have to worry if your older or younger sister is borrowing your favorite shirt while you’re out on the town! Everything that is yours, is yours! (Unless of course your parents paid for these items, and then you get into trouble, and then they take whatever is “yours” away from you…this I have unfortunately tested out…several times).

     All in all, it may get lonely, it may get boring, but being an only child gives you the ability and freedom to do what you please, especially since your parents only have one child to worry about, thus allowing them peace of mind (unless you’re a terrible kid) which will ultimately lead to them going easy on yah! So the next time you’re cursing under your breath that your mother and father got divorced before it was time for child number two, stop, and think of all the articles of clothing that would be missing from your closet if said second child existed!

This has been another message from A Ditk, reminding you to always look at the bright side…

Until next time.


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