Amusement Park Survival Guide

19 Jul

     So yesterday I took my annual summer trip to Six Flags with a few friends, and I decided there are many things one should know before arriving at the park, and considering I have nothing better to do with my time, or life for that matter, I have decided to share some tips with you that will leave you more time for real roller-coasters, and less time for emotional ones.

  • Always check out ticket/attraction prices ahead of time– this will allow you to look for special savings and deals as well that may just leave you more money to blow on games you’ll never win! (Or a funnel cake?)
  • Check the weather report- all packed, and ready to go, but when you arrive, there’s snow…don’t let this happen to you! Plan ahead and make sure it’s going to be a bright and sunny day before you arrive at your destination. Also, see what the temperature will be, so you know if it’s going to be a day for a sweat or a day for a sweater…haha, play on words.
  • Buy a “fast pass” or whatever the park you’re at calls it– at Six Flags it’s called a “Flash Pass” (like the superhero) but it will most likely have a different name at other various parks. This device lets your virtually cut to the front of the line for the majority of the rides which will make your day much more enjoyable and pain free. You’ll have to dish out a few extra bucks (usually $25/person) but it’s well worth it, trust me.
  • Pack some food– amusement parks try and squeeze every dime you own out of you, so it’s obvious that the food isn’t going to be cheap. Stop somewhere before your trip and pack some food and drinks in an icy cooler to enjoy on a break. You’re going to need some time to rest before you hit up your next ride, so make like a little picnic to eat in your car with the A/C blasting to cool off, you’ll save at least $15 a person!
  • Bring a Small bag– I know we’re no longer in the 80’s, so I may get some raised eyebrows at this one, but fanny packs are the way to go for sure. You won’t have to worry about paying for a locker (unless a certain ride requires absolutely no baggage) and you won’t have to carry it. You only really need some cash, a form of identification, a credit card, and maybe some gum and sunscreen while in the park, so a small bag will do the trick! Who cares what you look like as long as you’re having fun…not to mention some of the people that frequent at amusement parks know you’re smart for reppin’ that fanny pack.

So that’s pretty much it! Follow these few (awesome) tips and you’ll maximize your fun at the amusement park! Don’t feel obligated to taking my advice, but I mean, you might as well, it’s pretty solid.

P.S Kingda Ka has been closed for about a month now at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jersey because it got struck by lightening…I’m sorry, does anyone else think that’s as funny as I do? 




A Ditk


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