Quit Playin’ Games With My…back.

15 Jul

     No one would like Edward Cullen if he went around stabbing people instead of biting them, so my question is this: why do people feel the need to backstab their own friends? There is absolutely no reason to do so, unless they did something equally as terrible to you, like purposely running over your beloved family pet, but even then two wrongs don’t make a right. I know, I know, but three lefts do, meh meh meh…clever.

     One thing I absolutely hate is when people throw you under the bus to appeal to someone else, someone only important to them at that VERY moment, and completely irrelevant at all other times. Why in the world would someone care more about looking better to a complete stranger than to a dear friend?! It’s just complete and utter bullshit, and sadness, and everything else under the sun with a negative connotation. So, the next time you’re thinking about screwing someone over, or maybe just doing something at the expense of someone you consider to be your friend, think about what you’re FRIEND is going to think and how they’re going to feel, not the person you’re trying to impress, because once that person walks out of your life (which will be as fast as they stumbled in) you’ll be looking for your friend(s) to fall back on, and she won’t be there.

Just sayin’…


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