Let Me See Your Hips SWING.

15 Jul

There’s nothing like taking a trip down memory lane and reliving your childhood for a few hours by taking a trip to your local park. Of course, being older, some modifications must be made in order to still enjoy the park at your current age. For starters, attending a park after it is closed, and dark out, leads to a very enjoyable experience, especially when there is a playground…with swings obviously. There’s nothing like hopping on a swing and gliding through the air of the night, it’s the closest you’re going to get to flying unless you go parasailing, or skydiving, or, well, I guess there’s other and better ways to feel like you’re flying but I think swinging on a swing in the park is the safest way to feel free. If going to the park is considered trespassing after a certain hour, that also makes it more fun and entertaining as it introduces a certain feel of rebellion into the air, something that appeals to many a teenager in this day and age. So grab a few friends and find a park and just let loose, you’ll thank me later when you realize how wonderful they are at night. All in all, parks are fun, playgrounds are funny, and I am not…so that’s why I went to a park tonight. 


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