I Blog Better Than I Cook.

14 Jul

Many people have been asking me why I started this blog, and more importantly–what is it about? What is it’s purpose? Well, ladies and gents, the answer is that writing just comes naturally to me, and as many people have told me, I’m much better on paper than I am in person. Now, I know you may be thinking that’s a semi-rude remark, but I hope to have a career in writing, not stand-up comedy, so I guess it all works out in my favor regardless. This blog is simply for me to just blog…haha, blog, look at the word, what a funny, pathetic word…sorry, tangent. As I was saying, I started this blog to express my thoughts/advice/etc for other people to read and enjoy. I started it to give people a reason to smile, or laugh…or maybe even just to help them pass the time while sitting in an office for hours on a summer day. Maybe even a combination of the three reasons, but if it makes them happy, it makes me happy, and if it doesn’t, well, I’ll never really know now will I? 

     All in all, I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback thus far, and I’d like to thank the academy, and especially you–the fans, because without you, none of this would be possible! Thank you and goodnight Los Angeles! (Hopefully I never have to speak at an award show because I’d clearly bomb) 

I hope you continue to have nothing better to do so you can read my blog. Thank you in advance. 

Peace, Love, A Ditk


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