A Drought that ended in the heat…?

12 Jul

     I attended the Met game this afternoon at the lovely new Citi “I’m Still Calling it Shea” Field, and let me tell you it was a scorcher! Not only did the game time temperature register at 80 degrees, but the Mets were killing it! We were up 7-0 at one point, but what would a Met game be without a nearly blown lead?–so eventually the final score came out to be 9-7 Mets, but hey, a win is a win no matter the score! Not only did we manage to hold onto the lead, but in the 7th inning  Schneider officially ended the Mets’ 82-inning-long homer drought with a lead off hit right over the right field fence, it was gorgeous, like, prom dress gorgeous. If that wasn’t enough, next up was Tatis and SEE YA, another one right outta the park! The back-to-back homers left the entire ballpark (minus the random Cincinnati fans in attendance) screaming “we want apple, we want apple” with their desire to see the famous apple rise out of it’s hiding place, behind the fence in center field, as it only does when the Mets hit a home run, a tradition as old as…well…I don’t know exactly how old it is but I know it’s at least 19 years old because it’s been around since I was born! We now head into the All Star break fresh out of 2 wins. Now all we need is Reyes, Delgado, and Beltran back in our lineup and we”ll be sure to throw some Philly cheesesteaks on the grill, along with some Marlin…maybe a dash of lemon, we’ll see what the market quality is that day. 

I’m a die-hard Met fan, through and through, so all I have to say is shun the non-believers…SHUN! We’re just finishing up the first half of the season, anything can still happen…who knows, maybe some other teams will lose three of their top offensive/defensive players to various injuries…

…only time will tell.


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