Party In My Mouth…heyyyyyyy!

10 Jul

I admit I was a little hesitant to try a fruit drink that advertised having like zero carbs, little to no sugar, and about 10 calories for the entire bottle, but there was just something about the flavor “Strawberry Melon” that caught my eye. Not to mention I was standing around in CVS waiting for my friend to decide what pack of condoms she was going to buy, so I basically had time to search the entire store about 5 times. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try the drink, and boy oh boy, was it fantastic. Legit party in my mouth. It reminded me of some yogurt I used to eat when I was a wee one, but in juice form–T to the A to the S-T-E-Y (Fergie can’t spell). So the next day I went to another CVS to pick up a prescription when I decided to hit up their drink aisle and rekindle my tongues love affair with Fuze, but to my dismay, Strawberry Melon was no where to be found! Gasp! I panicked for a few minutes, then I saw Tropical Punch. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of Hawaiian Punch, just not a fan of all the added sugar, so what did I have to lose by trying this punch that had like 5 calories in it? So I bought it, and tried it, and I was partying all over again–it was like my tongue was in the VIP section. So yeah, basically, drink FUZE, it’s awesome…legit.fuze


One Response to “Party In My Mouth…heyyyyyyy!”

  1. nlhering July 10, 2009 at 9:42 am #

    the acai one is baller

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