Miley & Me.

10 Jul

     I don’t know what it is about Miley Cyrus, but I just can’t get enough. I understand that I am way too old to be enjoying her and her music, but let’s face it…I LOVE her and her music. It’s ridiculous sometimes, and everyone and their mother, including my own mother, makes fun of me for it, but what can I say? her music is fun, youthful, and ever-so-catchy! You can dance to it, you can sway to it, you can cry to it, and God knows I can lip-sync to it. If you can get past the fact that she’s a pop-star, and a mere 16 years young, and listen up to her lyrics, she’s actually sending out some pretty good messages in her music. She may not write all her songs, but she can sing, and boy oh boy can she sing. I wonder if her father’s heart is achey-breaky-broken now that he knows his daughter is a million times more successful at age 16 than he ever was as a one-hit-wonder. Yeah, there’s all of this drama surrounding her, but that comes with being a celebrity, it’s pretty much just jealousy, because even Jon and Kate are being gossiped about, and they are just a family!…that happens to have a freakishly large amount of kids, but that’s besides the point. Regardless, Miley Cyrus is a gem who has a lot of talent in bot the acting and performing departments. Her music, movies, television show, anything she touches turns to gold! With the exception of her ex-Justin Gaston…he’s pretty great looking, except he seems like a major D-Bag. Oh well! That’s why his new first name is EX!Miley Cyrus In The FleshThe Best Movie EVER

     I went to see Miley perform as a part of Z100’s Zootopia like last year, and I know it’s sad, but I nearly had a panic attack when she came out onto stage because I was in the same room as her–and about 30,000 other individuals. We may have been several yards apart, but I felt the connection–she was singing to me because I totally know we’d make the bestest best friends everrrr! Hip-hip-hooray for Miley.

      I will be seeing her in concert this November and I can barely contain myself. I plan on standing by the stage door after the concert is through with hopes of meeting the princess of pop herself. If I can get a picture with her, I would absolutely just drop dead from happiness…right then and there…which may be awkward for her, but whatever, at least I would have met her! And if I do meet her, and manage not to drop dead, well then I will be taking the picture of us and transferring it onto t-shirts and mugs to hand out to people. If it ever happens, maybe I’ll sell them on this blog, who knows? All I know is Miley & Me are destined to be best friends! and Miley & Me has a certain ring to it…probably because of the novel Marley & Me, that was also made into a motion picture…no, that can’t be it.

     For all of you people out there who are still hesitant about diving into the Miley Cyrus pool of greatness, take it slow, test the water with your toes first…I recommend these songs:

  • See You Again
  • Dream
  • Right Here
  • Start All Over
  • G.N.O- Girl’s Night Out
  • The Climb
  • Full Circle
  • Simple Song

If those songs don’t get you into the Miley groove, then you need to seek medical help, because you may be dead…or have a busted ear drum.


Best Wishes! “Wake up America”!


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